• Miep Gies, I love her book more than Ann Frank's Diary. Makes me kinda proud we've got Dutch in our family. I sure do hope when faced with evil, I have the balls to stand up as she did.
  • Haiti, yes Haiti. Please help them any ways you can. As if they didn't have it hard enough. Please visit Whisker Biscuit for the many many ways to help. Don't be a dick and stand idly.
  • With all the crapiness/dick moves lately, my escapism = La Maisonnette, Puppies, Bacon
  • This makes me want to reorganize my studio. I need the DOPE hooks. For a font freak, I can't believe I don't have typography decorations up, for real.
  • Love the style of this new Coco (not Conan, Chanel) movie. I can't wait till it's playing in the states, with subtitles because all the French I know is probably all that's on toy tags.
  • This year I'm starting something ridiculously girly as a way to stay creative/artsy everyday, even after a long day because even 15 minutes of creativity is enough so I don't feel so drained. I'm forcing myself to either make a sketch a day or make a pom a day. A simple topic to sketch is to record what I wore so I don't end up wearing same thing on all the Mondays, which I found myself doing, eeek. I got the idea from Clothes Cameras and Coffee, who sketches clothing inspirations from the various fashion blogs.
  • As suggested by this lovely lady, this is the year I will 'attempt' to blog positively and keep the negativity/asshattery to the tweets =) *'attempt' because I get fired up about lots of things and I can only do my best to keep them thoughts away from posting rants here.
Have a good weekend all. Happy thoughts, man, happy thoughts. Humans everywhere need'em now.

Images via Kansas City Star, Stephmodo, Design*Sponge, Craftzine, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, me- shaving tribbles


  1. So much Coco lately; there was a French film of her pre-Chanel life last year as well, still playing in NYC if you want to come see ;-)


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