Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Dudes, I’ve been tagged by Kim over at J and K, a Journey! I guess it’s a sign of initiation now that I’ve been playing in with Babes in Blogland for about a year now. I’ve been wanting to share a couple of my favorite things just like Sound of Music so here goes.

Directions from Kim: ShansPLC a wonderful writer, who gets you engrossed in these great stories about life, graciously gave me the Happy 101 award over the weekend. If, at any time, you need to find a good blog read -- go to her blog. Seriously. I once told her that I feel like her blog is a great TV show; I'm anxious to read the next post, because I need to know what happens next. For her to bestow this award to me is an honor and I'm so glad I found her in blogland! So, this is how it goes....I have to list 10 things that make me happy, and try to do at least one of them today, then tag 10 bloggers that brighten my day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you must then link back to my blog.

  1. Sound of Music – That is a go to movie for breakups, bad news, or just general sickness. It reminds me that simple things are enough to cheer me up for even a little bit to get on with life. Just like little kids can start smiling at their own thought of candy, I can crack myself up with thoughts of me falling down the grassy slope during college graduation (in a white dress!) or doing happy dance ala BASEketball with my fellow munchkin Marilyn.
  2. Friends Time – Transitioning from student life to corporate world, I find that I have lost touch with a lot of my friends from my early 20s. I’m not up for clubbing and bars just don’t excite me that much. Now that my work hours are not around the clock, I find that I have more time for creativity but I am still not spending enough time with friends. Now I have full on space, I guess I will just have to start throwing crafty get togethers with friends to enjoy the Hannah Montana best of both worlds. (No, I don’t watch Hannah)
  3. Sleeping – Agreed Kim on the #3. I do love me some sleeping but I really long for the days I was insomniac. I got so much stuff done; I used to learn to play a couple of songs a night on the ol’ geeee-tar those days and now the beautiful instruments sits in a dusty case, because now it’s such a hassle to take it out. I’d much rather sleep.
  4. Wine – Wine is pretty much the great cure-all in my book. It cures cramps. No lie, the kind that makes my face all white and I have to clench to my desk to keep from falling over kinda cramps. Oh wine also makes me not as twitchy when I have to go to networking events. Just stop me please when I get that funny joker wine ‘stache.
  5. Bathroom Products – man I love the smell of bathroom products. I really need to scrub more. When I was a toddler my mom lost me once in our condo back in Taiwan. She looked everywhere, including running down stairs outside to see if anyone’s seen me. She looked, dad looked, finally they found me, scrubbing away on the bathroom floor behind the door. True story.
  6. Reading – I’ve found that my source for words have definitely moved from literature to Reader. Over the past couple of weeks, I have definitely let Reader pile up and get way out of hand. But I’m too afraid I’d missing some epic inspiration post if I deleted everything. Yes, I’ve been getting some book reading done on my computer via McSweeny’s (Dave Eggers = genius) and thanks to Twitter, I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff from various writers. Perhaps someday I will not shun reading on a kindle/itouch so much.
  7. Music – I love music but I tend to revert back to same thing I usually listen to. I should explore somehow and get introduce to more. See what all the whippersnappers are up to nowadays right?
  8. Writing – I have found this whole blogging experience to be very cleansing, having an outlet to write my thoughts, put them in bottles and then casting these thoughts in the sea that is the interweb. Yeah, it’s straight up like a confessional and I’m addicted! Seriously folks, this has been my way of staying in touch with friends who live way too far from me and meeting new folks with similar interest.
  9. Watching Black and White movies – They are soothing and even the horror movies are not scary. They did so much more with scenes and acting. I need to watch more of that.
  10. Edamame – In my trying to cut out meats except for eating out, I find that edamame has been the only food that can curb my craving for meats. It’s so delicious and eating a hot bowl of edamame makes me feel happy and content especially with a dash of that yummy grey salt. Okay, must finish so I can go make a bowl now.
How is that for a random list? Welcome to my little head.


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  2. Love that you did this! And you had such great happiness things!


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