It’s all in the little things

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Yes, how hackney, TGIF, right? For real, I really could not be any happier this week is *almost* over.

  • It was very good to take a break from the blog and define what and where I want it to go. As I said, yeah there may be posts less frequently, but they will be more really about hand pecked and feelings, less about cool things I spy around the web. (You can be a Reader follower or just peep into my posterous for that. Anyone using the wave yet? We can swap recipes and coupons there too.)

  • My Pinochio (because he is so close to being a real human boy) had a real scare dropping a lot of weight within a couple of days. The mega weight loss and the dehydration, I got really scared. I didn't realize at the time, but let's just say my lips are really raw right now from all the subconscious biting/gnawing/chewing. I love my little guy so much I caught myself crying in my sleep. He is now doing so much better but I miss my Plumpy Buddha hedgehog.

  • I'm going from one proposal right into another one at work. Watching my RSS feeds pile up to beyond what Reader can count, I found my own way of doing something creative — I totally just story boarded a piece before I started Ctrl+Alt+Shft the crap out of InDesign. (look ma, no mouse!) it feels so good to push that graphite into paper and scratch/smudge my own handwriting and doodling images where I want them to be.

  • One of my favorite visual loves from Kori's shop is her spool of red/white butcher twine. I love the simplicity of the two colors (very French General/The White Stripes) and the utilitarian use of butcher's twine. I have been waiting to find my own spool of twine with my colors but I have only found people who will sell them for 5 yards at a time. But I want my own spool? =( So glad that Whisker Graphics is now selling them by the spool so my tags and packaging will have orange twine to go with the tags! Orange things truly make me happier, it must be the remnants of Dutch coming out there.

So yes, I hear there might be snow, which I'm not going to lie, is going to suck because I have to drive to work this weekend. But for realsies, I'm taking a staycation to make Christmas goodies. That week will hopefully provide enough projects I can post here once everyone receive their various care packages.

P.S. - No promises that the packages won't contain feather/hair. Steni fuzz and my hair find their way into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Everytime I clean my hairbrush, I think it resembles something that 2WB killed. (I dare you to look down her barrel.)


  1. LOVING the aqua/orange twine combo! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carina! Hope you have a cozy weekend!

  3. I love your twine. If only I could get a few drops of your creativity.

    I left you an award on my blog.


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