Oh Hai 2010!

Yeah I'm feeling hot hot hot! It could be the porter and asti I'm sipping while watching Killer Tomatoes but hey for once, I'm not feeling cold!

2009 will be the year of the babies. My god, there is a baby train around. I only got to do one wedding invitation set this year but the amount of baby announcements this year was crazy so that that made up for all the wedding fun I missed. So here is my 5 min wrap up of how 2009 turned out okay after all and I can always look forward to more adventures in 2010.

  • I started a new job that allowed me for more creativity and allowed for more personal time which allowed me to grow Hand Pecked. It was such a hard decision and I really cried when I had to pick up the phone to let one of my fav bosses in life that I had to move on.
  • My Etsy shop opened and I’ve had a couple of custom orders so far. Hooray! I will continue Etsy shop open but I think majority of stock will be elsewhere in the next coming months, thanks to advices from Ellie of Mint and Naomi at Rockstar Diaries.
  • Babies, did I mention there were babies everywhere and more coming next year? I can't stand it, I just might have to steal one to rub it's belly.
  • Tweeter/Facebook/this blog has been awesome this year. I keep thinking of the quote from Street Car from Blanche that “I’ve always counted on the kindness of strangers” is exactly how I feel about all the kindness and helpfulness of these strangers on the internet. So internet friends, thank you. You make me a less cynical person about humans.
  • Chev Chelios the hedgehog squirmed his way into my heart. I never realized I'd become so attached to a hedgehog until chubby stopped eating and I had to take him to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. Luckily some antibiotics set him straight again and now I just want his records corrected because I did not have the heart to tell his vet that Chev and I have different last names =)
  • In case you haven't figured it out, about half way through the year, the dude mentioned that he does not want to be mentioned here so I am doing my best not to mention him. Anyone got that problem?
  • I chopped my hair. Yeah, after 10 years of having long hair, I'm back to same length and color as it was 10 years ago. I still miss the hair sometimes, but now I don't shed a whole nest every time I brush right?

In all, I'm looking forward to 2010, while not everything came up milhouse, I can always hope 2010 would.

Thank you all, truly.

via Smithsonian Zoo Small Mammal House.

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