The L

Finally, I got to play with The L. Doesn't that sound badass like some character from a Robert Rodriguez film? Like The El?

So I had to try this on a variety of paper. I tested it out on Bristol Board, watercolor paper (both 100 lbs) and the fluffy paper that came with the L kit. I thought maybe the Bristol Board may be too hard for imprinting but it turned out ok!

Not following directions/being rebellious I used pigment ink that is used for pigment stamp pads since that slow drying ink reminds me more of the letterpress ink. I also have that readily available versus buying the L's ink which only came in pretty small tubes.

Because I don't have a steady hand, you can see that the edges of the plates also got ink on it, which left imprints as well. As an easy fix, I trimmed around the edges to use it as a 3D element instead. Yeah more practice is needed and I definitely will have to order some of my own plates.

For more information about the L Letterpress Review, check out Paper Crave at here or here (for custome plates). For custom plates, it looks like Lifestyle Craft can make them as well as Boxcar Press. Hooray, this coming year is going to be really fun exploring all the cool stuff I can make with my own letter press machine, I still would love one that weighs a ton someday...someday.

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