Inspired by Dude Craft

Behold, this is the triptych of awesome... and by awesome, I mean awesomely bad(ass), okay okay campy.

Have I ever mention that I love DUDE CRAFT? While I like making whimsical stuff as a way to unwind or working on stationary orders, I really enjoy working on things that are not so girly when I know I can set aside long periods of time to concentrate on projects. I don't carry a leatherman or pocket knife on me for nutin'. When I saw this tutorial on Dude Craft, I was hit with a wave of inspiration.

I hope some of you may be familiar with The Room, it's been labeled as one of the worst movies ever made and I effing love it. The acting is horrible, the lines are weird and the props make no sense. On the spectrum of awful it's so bad that it's awesome. I equate it to the Rocky Horror of our generation because to catch it on the big screen requires bringing lots of spoons, dressing up as the characters, and of course, yelling back at the screen. (Luckily for the DC folks, it's now going to be showing midnight regularly every month at E Street Cinema! About flippin time we get some campy movie action in town!) So a couple of dude friends and I really bonded over watching this movie this year and I wanted to give them a very "The Room" Christmas.

So yeah, being a font freak, I incorporated some of the best lines that makes no sense uttered by the prettiest 'actor' in the movie (using the word actor loosely here). I used fonts and dingbats to give it a retro poster feel and then designed each to fit within an LP frame. I actually used a slightly different technique than what's on Dude Craft by using subtractive method. A lot of the layers were actually glued together before I took the knife to it and carving within the layers which is like the topographic models used in architecture/geology. These totally look like if the movie had a soundtrack on LP, I mean, it's no Sweet Cream and Other Delights LP (check out this link for other horrible LP covers), but I sure enjoyed making these while giggling my head off.

Okay, back to the girly stuffs shortly making more Christmas presents.

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