Smell of Paper

I really tried to read books on my ITouch and I failed miserably. I just can't get into not holding nor smelling paper.

When I spotted the Heirloom Book a couple weeks ago, I was floored by how beautiful it looked, smelled and felt. Every page required two hands to turn the handmade fiber sheets and the leather work on the cover felt so old school. I almost missed the book in the catalogue. I really thought it was a prop with the wee one. An Heirloom Book to pass down the family? You are brilliant Anthro.

I had started collecting classics in hardcover judging them by the way they were bound. I wanted them to match the old set of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Even better if the pages were rimmed with a surprising shade of ink or even gold foil. Now Penguins released their clothbound classics with cover designs reminiscent of antique wallpaper. I bet they smell as delicious as they look. Besides, in a couple of years, kids will be tossing out the Twighlight series like I did with the Ann Rice series but with the original melodramtic gems like Wuthering Heights, you keep that 4 eva!

I guess the only way I might be able to pick up a Kindle is if it came with an unlimited supply of library scented candles.

On a side note, who do you think has the better screaming character? Heathcliff screaming for Catherine in Wuthering Heights or Stanley screaming for Stella in Streetcar?

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