Letterpress Giveaway

Surprisingly, when I bring up letterpress to wedding clients they actually don't understand what letterpress is. Which is cool with me, since I have to outsource the production and I like to keep things in-house. However, given the opportunity to win a lottery jackpot, you bet your sweet ass I will own a letterpress machine.

This past year Lifestyle Crafts has been buzzing about a desktop letterpress machine and many of us waited on the edge of our seats to see what this machine in real life, just to see if it's like the real thing or not. As one of their promos, they have this simple description and closeup of what letterpress does.

Here is the reason why a desktop letterpress is so unheard of. The top is a standard letterpress and the gentleman next to it for scale. With all them metal pieces, a good functional lp machine is in the thousands, not counting the plates. Below is the Lifestle Crafts lp machine. See how wee it is? That's why that's alllllll the rage lately like them boots with the fur.

They carry various everyday, baby, wedding, celebration and holiday themed plates. YES, it's out on the streets now for about $149.99. The very very cool thing is the iDiY is giving away 1 of these. So spread the love of letterpress man.

Peace sign not included.

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