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It's a scavenger hunt!

Just finished this. So I can see all the local scenery/objects/buildings in a new light and make fun of stuff that doesn't make sense like you can't see the monument well flying down from Beantown into Dulles, duh. Now I will get off the pop reading wagon.

How excited am I to go see her self portrait and meet her at National Portrait Gallery? Very!

Didja know the abstract flag at National Museum of American History pretty much is cantilevered from one point only? Kinda uh-may-zing considering the size. I can't believe I didn't notice when PG and I went there earlier this year.

Tracking down songs I heard last night from IBMA Awards. There's some great pickin' going on and such happy music to listen to when I drive to work in the morning.

New fav site to look at with cute pictures of dudes and menswear fashion. Check out Mr. October 1st. Who doesn't like a stripey dorky sweater? Especially with young King Jareth himself.

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