Cribs: Starchitect Edition

Yours eyes don't deceive you. For once, instead of phallus shaped architecture, we have here a boob. Looking like it came straight out of a Matt Helm movie with that car in the garage and the sunken chillaxing lounge. The only thing missing is the circular bed that drops you directly into bubbly pool with your bikini clad assistant ready to take notes, while at the same time offering you your breakfast martini.

It's called the Volcanoe House and it is up for sale. I came across it accidentally, afraid that something happened to Professor Peter Waldman that he had to put his Volcanoe House on the market. Whew, CA, not VA. (Waldman = out there, but sooooooo loved)
Seriouly though, this is kinda cool with the catacomb-like wooden ceiling and it comes with a guest house. "Main house of two bedrooms, bath and open entertaining areas. Guest house of one bedroom and bath, pond, and ultimate privacy." For $750,000? Really not that steep compared to the rest of the listings. I just have no clue how I can get my hands on it. It being like 2.5 hours away from "Happiest place on earth, LA" and I used to think Big Bear was far!
Check out some of the other cool glam starchitect designed houses these realtors specialize in. (Click on the photos for the actual listings) Oh to be rich...
Frank Gehry circa early 90s, before he went kind nuts, he did "normal" stuff like this and Merriweather Post Pavilion. I know, pretty unreal jump right?

The only LEED Platinum House in CA, by Melinda Gray.

A Wright House at $697,000!

But the cars are kind douchey.

A Philippe Starck House

Love the gun metal grey, but the pink? really?

For more champagne wishes and caviar dreams. The realtors.

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