My tribute

I wasn't going to post anything about Patrick Swayze but then somebody upstairs gave me a sign that I must do my duty to share one of my fav tattoos that always makes me smile.

You've really made me laugh with your backflips in The Outsiders, your karate blousemanshirt in Roadhouse, and your trying to out do Chris Farley in the Chippendale audition on SNL.

Surprisingly, you've impacted my life more than MJ. Thanks for the giggles man.

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  1. Boy, I use to love his movies when I was growing up! It's all because of my brother's influence - he was in martial arts for a while.
    I adored Patrick in Roadhouse too, and later was amazed by his talent in a role of drug queen... So sad, that nice people are leaving. Oh, well... Bon voyage, wherever you going.


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