First Show

(only pic i got since someone named "mom" was wondering why i wanted to take pics of this, it's called hubris, like a baby's first photo, like yeah, I made that)

I tried my first boothing experience for Hand Pecked that I don’t even know if “boothing” is the right term for it. I know that works for tradeshows right? But does that apply to craft fair/street vending? Man I have so much to learn still. I kept telling myself not to get nervous (I have a talent of working myself up to raging stomach aches and I totally shotgunned a beer to chill the eff out) and it’s a good learning experience right? Yup, twisted my mom’s arms to join me, since I suck at math and I dread dealing with cash.

And I am so lucky to have been surrounded by such gracious people who liked and bought my stationary, and even asked about custom works later on. I think I might have peed a little trying to bottle in the amount of happiness and pride. It's pretty good vindication to certain people who thinks my stuff is g.a.y. (I can't wait till yall get girlfriends/wives who will kick your ass if you don't buy them purdy stuff.)

The day was filled with live classic rock and it’s sad to see some whippersnappers roll their eyes at Stairway and Open Arms played back to back. Dude, that shit is MAGIC! That’s the kind of stuff that makes my eyes a little sweaty. There was even Green Day on a cello, very Symphonic Zeppelin like.

Now I have to reload all the stuff back onto Etsy when I have a chance. But first, I gotta finish some baby announcements!

More scenes from the weekend. I totally drooled over the Les Pauls and missing the black one I had that bruised my shoulder everytime I used to whip it out.

(photos from me and Phtographer Carl Root)


  1. I'm pretty sure no one is as cool as you. :)

  2. aw shucks thanks, but i'm no miss July 23rd 2010 calendar girl.

  3. Congrats on the first show! Yey! You are there too! By the way -let me tell you my secret (in loud whisper) - use calculator, it's ok, they don't mind ;)
    By the way - where was the show?


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