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I have to say, as much I wish I can just do the paper thing all day already; I still love my day job. I work with some really cool people, and they have a really cool tradition of having "shout outs" during staff meetings whether it' saying mad props to the new haircut to recognition on a job well done. That is a tradition I have to steal borrow since it's my own way of saying thanks without turning to mush and just gush over people.

For a long time I have been searching the right Blogger template knowing that I do not have the skillz to create my own. I figured if I can find the right layout, I can update the code a bit so it would look like "me" you know. Something chicken-y, orange, grey, handwritten, but still with some grunge edge to it. One of the biggest problems I had with a lot of the templates I found were that the body section is usually only 400 pixels wide, which is very limiting on images and the amount of white space I wanted around images (damn 101 of positive and negative spaces).

Then I got a tip from a blogger about Ellie Moore at Rainy Day Templates. She has these clean templates and she can customize them to the perfect set up. She made the whole design process so easy by breaking the page elements down into pieces I could pick and choose the images, the exact color, widgets and stuff. One of my fav part is that she made it so I can still add more Blogger widgets and she left me with a lot of "self help" tips, which is a lot different from the other designers who can charge well above $100 for something that you cannot update yourself later on, or can't add Widgets onto.

Now that

is just



So please, if you are using Blogger, and want to create something that is you, and codes = headache at times, please check out Ellie Moore at Rainy Day Templates.

P.S. She regularly "retires" designs so you WILL have a one of a kind layout. It's that same feeling you get from buying a designer dress, knowing there's only a handful out there rather than warehouse equivalent.

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