Every Day is Training Day

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Yeah Mr. Chev Chelios came into my life as a little butterball and switching him from the meaty catfood diet to the veggies and rice catfood diet had not been working. Trying to have him roll around in his exercise ball does not work either. He tends to just keep banging on the dishwasher door. He would back up, then full speed (as full speed as a festively plump hedgehog can get) into the door, over and over. The plastic ball is his helmet I tell ya. He also thinks the neon yellow ball needs to be more neon yellow, and perhaps a shade of whatever he ate last night and utilize his exercising time to drop whatever poundages he wanted to drop, which later would involve some angry hedgehog fierstroke in the tub (I envy the owners on youtube with their hedgies who love to swim casually and float on their backs, unlike mine, who will continue to drop floaters for me to fish out and change another tub of water, oh yeah, Chevey hates vegetables too, no cute carrot eating for him either!).

Fortunately, we found a form of exercise which he is getting really good at and it does not involve dropping deuces. He will scoot back and forth on the step and then climb the stairs one by one, sometimes taking breaks to zoom back and forth on the steps, and most of the time hiding his face in the corner and falling asleep in between the steps (the kid has to be narcoleptic or something, I have caught him fallen asleep with his head still in his food bowl, playing with his toilet paper tube, in the corner right next to his waterbottle). These exercises are closely chaperoned since they involve a lot of coaxing with calling his name, pinching his pink butt that pokes out, and sometimes Japanese beetles caught around the house. He has lost a little weight, you can see the extra skin that drapes around his torso when he's asleep, making him look even fatter now, looking like Jabba the Hutt.

We really tried...

(image source not from my personal collection)

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