bloggin on the go ?!??

Wow. Technology is pretty badass and I now have the ability to blog from el phone. Now I realize I probably don't have the capability to write nice long ramblings but it's a perfect way for me to record little vignettes from my life. And by "Vignettes" I mean stories I want to tell the grandkids someday to give add to the "grandma's crazy" mystique.

Setting: Coworker and I driving back from girl lunch, where we talked about ideas for her wedding and she's making a turn and looking over the passenger side, where yours truly is whittling away on her dress.
Me: (putting away a leatherman) uh threads on my dress hem? , I'm trimming the threads and a leatherman is NOT aknife, duh. (sez the girl who packed a leatherman, a can of WD 40, two guitars, and only two yaffablocks of clothes to college)

uh and she's the engineer? sheesh!

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