Teddy's ghost

Went to Teddy Roosevelt Island and when I tried to get a closeup shot of TR, I found myself juggling three cameras. I placed the digital camera on the ledge just beneath his foot, a nice flat ledge mind you, and some how the camera flew off and landed hard on the granite floor. I was davastated since that was my only digital camera other than the phone. I guess Teddy's spirit didn't want a closeup.

On the way to batting cage after hiking, I did manage to McGirlver the digital camera to working again, whew and now have some sporty shots to add to the collection. Yes, this is as sporty as I get, taking pictures of fences and benches.

These shots were taken with the Brownie, wrapped up in a homemade cardboard box. Yeah, I heard some snickers on the Island but guess who got cooler pictures now. yeah what's up.

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