House of Sweden

(House of Sweden)

I got to check out House of Sweden at the G-Town Waterfront Open House with SBNOW. Really brilliant space indoor and outdoors. My co-worker who is getting married in April took a sneak peak at their pricing for space and realized it would totally blow her budget for a DYI wedding.

(Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB website)

Other than the architectural designs by, Gert Wingårdh’s and Tomas Hansen, Swedish architects who won the design competition, I was fascinated with their furnishings from IKEA. What a cool way of showing national pride. Although to admit, I only remember the Swedes for IKEA and maybe fat Viking chicks singing with braids (which my coworker and I did secretly discuss why that was not included). I'm still genuinely surprised every time people actually let me into these uppity events (so glad people can't read my thoughts).

Then my attention got p0wned by this conference room. I personally can never be in a conference room and pay attention to any presentation because my thoughts would go like this...

• Ooo nice light, made of paper cutouts? Kickass.

• Nice tapestry, I think Tapestry is underutilized right now. I should hang stuff everywhere around the house.

• Wait, is that grass in the middle? //taking shoes off and reaching in to the middle// Oh, it's Astroturf, well that's just silly now with fake grass.

• Interesting felt art, and it's also sound attenuation, brilliant!

I was like Alan Tudyk's character tripping on acid from Death at a Funeral. I was touching everything and going oooooooh, and I was not even tripping.

(then he touched the feather and made it go Boing!)

Oh yeah, moral of the story... Looks like my brains won over another client for an upcoming wedding. Since the bride and groom are very sustainability conscious, we are thinking of paperless save the dates and invitations for people with emails (younguns) and only paper stationary for the people who are not web friendly (ye old farts). Too bad there it won't be a rave wedding at the Häüs of Swëdën.

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