why i'm not too worried

I took some ridiculous classes in college because I honestly believe I should learn the shit out of smarty pants electives because finally, I’m not being ostracized for being a dork. I embraced my dorkdom and still retain a lot of the information. Till this day, I still prefer to only fly on Northwest, keep up with Steven Hawkins, and really believe global warming is made up shit.

Now hear me out Lisa Simpson, behold, this here is an ice core chart of the past 400k years.

We are on the far left. Looking at the patterns of the past couple of ice ages, I got chills in class. See that? We’re headed into an ICE AGE!

So while I understand CFC’s are bad and the ozone layer is depleting, I am not saying we should keep destroying our planet, we should just cut out all the hype. Yes, think sustainably, but not militant green.

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