trixie delicious

(JERK is my fav and you'd get it for me, if you were my friend)

yes, my taste is a combination of extremes, whimsical/vulgar. imagine my glee when i came across this etsy seller trixie delicious. i love the combination of sweet cool antique finds juxtaposed with cool typography of not so innocent words. i know she's in new zealand but she needs to get our of my head. it sure makes me want to vandalize all the antique stuff i’ve been stashing. here are some of my favs from her store.

i’ve been wanting to try glass etching on mason jars and i can see this being a hit.

lemon curds = tart
gin soak raisons = sloshed
blackberry preserves = seedy

now if only i can get inspired for a cool design to combine ass & hat. i'd wear the shit out of that, zing!

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  1. A teapot with "hat" on its cover and "ass" on its base?


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