Happy un-valentines Day

I'm not a valentines day celebrator and I'm sure my boyfriends have enjoyed (especially the asshole-y one who once broke up with me a week before one). To continue my fascination of seeing how jacked up this “holiday” is, I present you this gem, found in a local 7-11.

Oh yes, that is the Valentines section right next to the "With Deepest Sympathy" and "Sorry you are not Feeling Well" cards. I'm glad the employees took the time to look at the card organization right by the register to create this classic.

This year we did have a little celebration because JF is starting at a new job on Tuesday(hooray). Saturday’s dinner consisted of a little exploration with one of my fav food, gnocchi. We ended with a delicious meal soaked in a lobster crab cream sauce.

Delicious white sauce:
1 lobster tail
1 crab cake
1 package of gnocchi
2 tablespoons of shaved parmesan
2 cups of milk

On the stove top, I boiled a cup of the milk until it got that film on top, then I kept stirring once in awhile every time the milk films over. I shelled the lobster tail and threw the shells into the milk and added the second cup. After the milk got the lobster taste down, I fished out the shell then added the crab cake, cheese, and sliced lobster tail in the sauce. Simple and soooooo decadent. As Homer Simpsons said in the newest Simpsons (in HD!), I want to live in the sauce.

Sunday’s meal is once again awesome. I think we were both a little inspired by this site, having going through the site earlier in the day and deciding some of the food just sounds simply delicious, even though they may look disgusting, and horrible for the heart.

We seared duck breast to get out as much fat as possible, then we use the duck fat to fry up some sliced polenta covered with mozzarella with a dash of salt n peppa (ooooh babay babay, oh babay babay), and garlic powder. Now I’m enjoying a glass of red to hopefully cut down on the amount of delicious grease I have just eaten.

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  1. sounds like a fun! D doesn't like this holiday either - so we celebrated Friday the 13th.
    Food adventures sound yumm!


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