2008 year under 5 minutes

Series 3 of 3.

  • Became auntie twice, to a puppy girl and baby boy!

  • Lil bo finished 2nd in Richmond Triathlon.

  • Steni had a heat stroke. Though we all thought she was going, but she fought hard and is still with us. Hooray!
  • Got to see Rama Aunty in TX before she passed away from cancer.

  • Awesome NYC trip to see two awesome people get hitched. Finally got to meet Alison, a kindred spirit, in person.

  • Helped win a kick ass project

  • Got to practice the ancient Japanese art of Karaoke. I best stick with stage presence instead of my skillz.

  • Saw 2 of my best friends leave. Both following their hearts back to Ohio, one for school, and one for her own business.

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