Why am I back?

Because I finally had a derby breakdown after skating for a couple of years now and I guess it was long time coming. Nah, it wasn’t anything related to plateauing physically, or getting butthurt on the track. It came down to a graphics snafu that had me breaking down one late night after staying up way late because of my day job, coaching the travel team, trying to get us insurance then still needing to work on graphics for a charity partner, all in a day’s work.

I forgot what it was like to create for fun rather than create because I have deadlines. So I’m back using here as brain dump once again to vent or look at papery goodness and forcing myself to take at least Friday night for #FridayNightArtDork. It was a great wake up call to remind me not to let the big D take over my life completely.

Just keep swimming doodling.

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