2011 was a Bad Year for Pets

I think I'm ready to talk about what happened.

2011 was interesting. Two of my favorites are now gone and I never got to do crazy pets Christmas photos.

Steni, the highlander chicken who we thought could live forever, almost made it to 14. She was magical.

This is her last picture napping on my leg.

Then Chevy got skin cancer and rapidly deteriorated. He lived pretty darn long for a hedgie too.

Chev in his signature Burt Reynolds pose.

While we were in between lab results and vet visits, I was busy practicing a song for a fundraiser for my league. He probably got sick of hearing me singing it to him. I never got to sing the song because I had to put him down two days before.

It's still one of the sweetest songs in the world and I can sing it in my car again.

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