JR + AK's Wedding

I finally got to work on what is the equivalent of my dream stationery project. It was the wedding between one of my longest bud Jeremy and his now husband AJ. Jeremy and I go back till the days of architecture school. I got to see him come out, go through meh relationships, walk down next to him during graduation (which included my tripping on my floor length graduation dress and 4-in heels), meet AJ soon after graduation. They have been together ever since. When they told me they were getting married, I was like whoah, so awesome, and my hands start fluttering because my eyes are getting sweaty. Then they told me the wedding was in Charlottesville, BOOM, and they asked me to help with the papery stuff. DOUBLE BOOM!

The wedding could not have been  more perfect. I roped one of my gay men as my arm candy for the weekend. Ari the Texan, accompanied me sporting some sweet cowboy boots of course. It was such an awesome weekend and I had a lot of reflection time being back in Charlottesville and drinking in memories by everything I encountered. I drove by Foxfield and it was studentless and horseless but my memories of it are still filled with girls in spring dresses, my running around in the same 4-inch heels and I don't recall ever seeing horses then either. I sat down by the campfire for warmth towards end of the evening and realized that I sat on the exact same log when I was 18, attending my first Beaux Arts ball filled with students, professors, alcohol, my first feeling of yeah I'm an adult and I'm partying in college whoop whoop!

What started out as a fun weekend ended up being a great soul searching weekend. While I can't go on a walkabout in Australia, I know I can always go back to C-ville and recenter myself... and I did while sitting on the cold, windy, studentless Lawn, the day after the wedding.

Now for the papery pics! 


Papery goodness photos are by Ben Hallissy, the photographer of the wedding.

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