Mr. Flapper Duck

(Duckling, our handicapped duck)

For the past couple of years, I have been duckless. It's hard because ducks are the sweetest, goofiest, cutest and most snuggliest. They are also incredibly messy, time consuming and hard to part with because of their sweet personalities.

Since 2004 I have been following Mr. Flapper Duck and his blog filled the void of not having ducks in my life. This morning, Mr. Flapper passed away and all sorts of missing the ducks emotions came flooding back. While I'm sad that Mr. Flapper is gone, I hope Flapper's family will be ok.

I had once heard from folks that god had to make ducks extra cute so humans would put up with their shenanigans. Seriously, the whiter the duck, the more they wanted to turn themselves brown with mud or feed.

I will miss you Flap, hope you are meeting my sweet duck ladies.

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