Unhinge this!

Gah! This tape is just too cool. I know I am behind as this was originally posted all over internet summer of 2010 but I just found these okay? I think I'd be geek enough to seal envelopes with these. I have to keep checking back on the site to see if these are ready for mass production yet. I have a feeling us stationery dorks would love these hinged tape.

By South Korean design collective mmiinn (AKA Jeong-Min Lee and Hyoung-Min Park). via Geekologie


  1. I hadn't seen this before, so thanks for sharing -- it's very cool! I do really like the effect on a box, as it makes it look like an old-fashioned trunk.

  2. So steampunk!

    I love the paradox hence why I want to put it on envelopes. heeheehee.


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