Shaped Poetry

New Year, I should get back on this like a mother.

Time I wrap up the Nashville trip in the fall huh?

One of the really cool things I got to see in Nashville was this exhibit in their awesome public library. That building was gorgeous, well used, and provided such a great community gathering place including exhibits such as Shaped Poetry. The Shaped Poetry Exhibit consists of 30 typographic prints from the book which is each on a different handmade paper in a wide range of typefaces and in a variety of colors.

Le swoon.

These prints are concrete forms throughout history and have some of my favorite concrete poems. I love concrete poems since I was introduced to them in AP English back in last year of high school. It was the first time ever that something clicked for me in English class. Being an artsy kid, I sure thought English class was hard since I just didn’t “get it.” But with concrete poems, it was like seeing words through artsy eyes and I feel in love with reading poems thanks to Ms. Savage’s introduction that year. Ms. Savage was awesome, she was also the one who taught me how to stand and walk in 4-inch heels, which led to my path of getting out of tomboyism finally. And I think these poems led me down a path of loving design/words/typography.

Back to the exhibit, below are some of my favorites from the exhibits.

Here's the Arion Press site about the book. I just need about $3000.00 to have this book and have my own version of this exhibit.


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