Right before Thanksgiving, I spent about a week roadtripping to Nashville. I expected to take a break from stationery, even getting the OK from a client to push hand-off date further back so I did not have to bring supplies to work on with me to Nashville. (I don't know if a bone folder would have passed the TSA test anyways right?)

It turned out that it's not something I could just turn "off" as I found a whole bunch of paper-y goodness in addition to all the yummy food (I'm so BBQ'd out I don't want to taste sauce for at least six months) and awesome music (no, not country, you can check out Hank III's song for my thoughts on this genre).

After one of our last meals in Nashville, we wandered around and this window display totally caught my eye. Giant paper flowers! Woohoo, a stationery store! Of course stationery must be huge in the south and his little shop has such a variety of standard Crane/Smock supplies but carried local printer/designs. Check out Social Graces. if you are ever in the Hillsboro area.

Of all the papery goodness something really caught my eye. These gorgeous Florrie Mitton garters on display.

After researching a bit I found that Florrie Mitton can be found on Etsy. You have to check out this shop of gorgeous ethereal garters.


  1. Glad to see you got to take a break! Although we didn't have anybody who brought cards to our holiday show last weekend... I really hope you think about doing some for the next show!

  2. I sure will, got some shows I plan on hitting this year.


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