Meet EvilGoods.

Sum of Evil took me under her wing when I started skating with Antiheroes Derby Alliance of Virginia. She has been a great skating mentor and now a great friend. The older sister I never had that I could text in the middle of the night to bounce ideas off of, or just to catch up when we miss each other at practice.

She is responsible for all the derby clothes I have and her shirts carry designs by our Captain Scar Leigh Ermy. I know she's been selling these shirts like hotcakes since everyone wanted to be a roller girl this past Halloween, I don't blame them since even one of our dudes dressed up as one for Halloween. Please though do not ever dress up as this. I might just have to come over and elbow your face even if that will put me in the penalty box.

(Just say NO to this!)

So yeah, check out these REAL derby clothes shirt printed on the softest cotton I've ever felt.

(Isn't Scar awesome/scary/gorgeous?)

I know my next order will be for these zombie skate one. I mean, zombie + roller skate? My head is filled from a montage of Lisa Frank hearts and rain-bowed dalmatians just thinking about it.

Lastly, leagues, she recently provided her services to our sister league so OCD of Richmond Virginia now has matching team uniforms. So please visit EvilGoods and support your local derby teams: mens, womens and coed. This is truly an amazing semi-pro sport that is purely driven by grassroot support.

lots of derby love.

debb/slade ripfire #86

(images via EvilGoods on etsy, well except for that nasty roller girl costume one, VOM!)

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