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If you start squeeeeeeeeeeeeeing upon seeing this postcard? Chances are, you are a kindred spirit. That is the difference between boys and girls folks, girls get giddy at mentioned of Prince Edward Island, Home of THE Lucy Maud Montgomery. When best friend told me she was traveling the world, with one of the early spots in P.E.I., my squeeing might have hit the range only dogs can hear.

I was filled with sadness and excitement hearing that PG will be traveling the world with her brilliant husband Mr. T for a year. Sad because she was going to be offline for a year! GASP! Who can I text in the middle of the night about evil bunnies, making fun of new Ed Hardy products or if I'm worried about another friend? I was also very excited though that I knew she and Mr. T were not going to be able to keep away from internet completely and I could follow their adventures on their travel blog Devil May Care.

So far, they have hit up North America and are somewhere in South America. I'm eating up all the pictures of blue footed boobies (heh, heh), baby seals and tortoises of Galapagos Island. So if you want to live vicariously through the eyes of two brainiac world travelers, check them out.

...and lastly...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

safe safe travels

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes & link to DMC!


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