Almost to Ohio

(This bottle should be on the American flag, I can't think of anything that screams AMERICA more than Jim Beam, Wheat, Ohio and Football right there)

I know I rarely use words here. I believe in celebrating Wordless Wednesdays all week long and hide that I think in pictogram and not words! Unfortunately I have not figured out how to type in pictograms, otherwise I'd tell a better story with that (and kick ass in Pictionary). I got so close to the Ohio border on a weekend trip but never actually made it. Instead I spent it with my two awesome OH buds and ran into this amazing bottle.

(Don Knotts, the white less known Mo-town entertainer)

Ab and I hung out at Morgantown and enjoyed the college town without dealing with undergrads. It was interesting to be able to walk into a place and have a shot of $3 moonshine while eating burritos (kiwi pineapple jalapeno salsa was incredibly sweet and spicy, I am so inspired to try to make my own batch soon). After burned our mouths with that rubbing alcohol, we ended up exploring Woodburn Hall at WVU hearing that it was a Richardson building, like a bunch of architecture geeks. Walking up to the building, it reminded me of that swanky 'public school' that Kat and Bianca Stratford went to in 10 Things I Hate About You. That movie is my jimmyjam. It's too bad the interior is so renovated with dropped ceilings so we can't see the glory that it was meant to be inside, with high ceilings and all. Le sigh for geeks.

(check out the wainscot panel detail, it's truly gorgeous)

Next day was like hitting jackpot. Kor and her Fat Quarter Folder, AKA mom, came down and joined us in PA for an antique flea market. Seriously, these girls, they know my heart too well. (Ab and I even went driving through a cemetery, yknow, not creepily or anything, just to look at the different stone work but usually people call that weird) They sure know when to holler at me for the right stuff. See what I mean?

(This is when I scream Yahtzee, in the parkinglot of a minor league baseball stadium. Woooo sporty spice.)

(antique mailbox NOT FOR SALE! Tease!)

(Found some letters for Hand Pecked Designs)

Here are some other gems I encountered.

(beautiful mirror, ugly painting, ugly car, weird girl.)

(I'm in love with old sewing machines, I'm convinced if it's not electrical, it won't eat my hand.)

(Baby clothes with fine handwork on it. Makes my ovaries and hands hurt thinking about it.)

(Oh hai mid ORANGE century set. You can be my martini chair and gin & tonic table.)

(The pretty box Ab and I both wanted. The color is just incredible but we'll look at this photo forever instead.)

(Oh you smart fabric/woven material people, where in the world can Sleeping Beauty touch this and get poisoned? Everytime I see a spindle, I feel it up, non creepily, trying to find the sharp edge. The spindle bouncer there wasn't much help.)

For more gems, you can take a lookee in the Flickr Gallery. I'll try to get some shots of my Spoils of War Ownage later. I heart oldness crap (don't you dare use the word vintage).


  1. drooling over here, those are some awesome discoveries!

  2. I want to go antique shopping with you soon! I'm feeling better these days!

  3. Ladies, Pennsylvania and Ohio are goldmines of good antiques! I got a huge typecase in OH for $15 when one I found in VA was $65. YIKES.


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