Miss Holiday Golightly

I think I have several posts coming up and it all has to do with one of my closest friend, PG and her magical trip around the world. So be warned about the gushing/living through her vicariously probably throughout the next year or so.

PG and I share a love of reading and stationery. Our Festivus/birthday/just 'cause presents and cards to each other may not always be on time, but we know it's coming. One of the tangents that we went on when she first told me about her year-long trip was stationery...inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"…with a curious card. Printed, rather Cartier Formal, it read: Miss Holiday Golightly; and, underneath, in the corner, Traveling. It nagged me like a tune: Miss Holiday Golightly, Traveling."

"After all, how do I know where I'll be living tomorrow? So I told them to put Traveling."

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for PG to have a traveling card ala Holly Golightly but we found out Tiffany's no longer provide letterpress services. They probably thought we're dorks for asking such a weird question and never mind that I've always wanted to actually eat a Danish outside a Tiffany's on a Saturday/Sunday morning. I know, so dorky. We totally got caught in the midst of cruised Ocean City strip once, while makin’ a booze run and blasted Thomas Dolby's She Blinded Me with Science…sandwiched between cars blaring rap (maaaaaaaad street cred).

So armed with what Truman Capote told us, we updated the Miss Holiday Golightly card with contact information, the only one PG will have on the road…email. I also thought it needed more of a pop so I inked the edges with two of her signature colors—gold and red.

This was my first time trying out letterpress with custom plates ordered from Boxcar Press. Those folks are fantastic to work with and are so helpful. All the time I was making these cards I kept giggling while thinking of the business cards scene from American Psycho when all the suits are comparing their cards (do I do that too with business cards?). I don't think Christian Bale would approve of these but they sure were fun to make. The letterpress oil based ink cleanup? Not so much (I'm still scrubbin' my work sink clean).

Excerpts and cover via Google Books


  1. I REALLY like how you did the edges, such a nice touch D!

    You're so amazeballs!

  2. Aw shucks Biz-money, I hope I can help your almost sister out.

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