LL Bean Signature Fall/Winter Preview

Let me just start with a preposition that I've got a serious crush on Alex Carleton. He can do no wrong in my book, never mind that I can look at him all day. So when I got the opportunity to join a video conference to see/hear him present the Fall/Winter LL Bean Signature line, I blocked that time out in Outlook and made that my happy place for a short bit of escape for this insane month of July. This is now definitely going in the book as one of them awesome-st things I've done wondering how'd I end up in this crowd.

I love that he is bringing back the timeless pieces of LL Bean classic looks but with a fitter cut so the clothes don't look as boxy. The grunge ass in me loves the return of plaid, dickies style, boots and fairisle sweaters. Yeah, i need more plaid pants like I need a hole in my head but man do I want those. Check out the sweet bag I kept grabbing screen captures of (it's like in every girl-picture I grabbed!).

Then the kicker, Alex (yeah, we're like totally on first name basis even though he can't hear me), has been working with local crafters of Maine on the accessories. Promoting the little guys, now that is just awesome.

Below are some of the screen grabs I got, I hear the line will be out next week. Saaaaa-weet.

I need them high heeled brogues.

Can it be Fall already?


  1. Wow! LL Bean has stepped its game up. These are actually really cool and so now. Makes me rethink shopping there!

  2. Oh have you seen the spring summer pieces? Really cute and classy. Nothing like the new styling backed by the last-forever quality. I got a couple dresses and skirts and they told me they will roll out petites too for people our size.

  3. Yeah!
    I like it when dresses and skirts actually hit me where they are supposed to and I don't look like I am borrowing someone elses clothing!

  4. It could go the other way like Chris Farley ;-) Fat man in a little jacket. I haven't whipped that gem out with my coworkers, must bring back Chris Farley jokes.


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