My Friends are Electric

Just like Gary Numan!

Not gonna lie, I love getting mail. Lookee what I got from awesome possum Cedar Fern Jen. I'm a big fan of silver and copper so I am so stoked to get these gems from her newly opened Etsy Shop, Joies.

Her silverwork is so dainty and detailed I am amazed how she get the wires to twist and not scratch the skin. Dude, if I could figure out how to zoom in on the clasps on the back of the
necklace, I can show you more of the detailed work she puts into her pieces. There are more matching beads and swirly prettiness that happens on the back of my neck.

I'm so excited that Jen's shop is ALIIIIIIIIIIVE and she is sharing her beautiful creations. Check out her shop for more of her simple and sweet work.


  1. Now I can finally comment and thank you for the shout out! You're the best!!


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