Pantone Plus

This comic from Doghouse Diaries illustrates why we need the Pantone system so much. Without a defined standard, color and how we individually see them is so subjective. Try asking a blind person about the concept of color, and see if you don't feel like a jerk afterward. One of my more frustrating times was working with someone who had different ideas of what 'canary' and 'berry' are from my take, then I broke out the Pantones so we can find the exact color we were conveying to each other.

Yes, geekily, I have been pretty stoked about the new Pantone Plus Series and the brand establishment, packaging and marketing. Like them or hate them, they're the Beatles to the design world. Have you seen their mini documentary? Filled with design celebrities...

But most of all...


Yeah, my head is screamin' "OMG WANT!"

(images via Doghouse Diaries and Pantone)


  1. I need that pantone guide! Not only does it serve a practival purpose, but it's pretty too! And that comic is really dead on too. Boy's obviously have much less ability to distinguish between colors.

  2. 真正的愛心,是照顧好自己的這顆心。.............................................


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