Hina's Birthday

(OMG Shoes!)

It's hard to believe to some folks but I am an introvert, I gots the papers to prove it too Arizona. That combined with being a Cancer means I get really introspective when I'm trying not the flip the eff out. Last week I had the tetraptych and the words/feelings have not stopped. So until I can get angry about something (I'm much easier dealing with that emotion) I will just let the words work itself out. Advanced apologies for the two dudes I can think of who reads this. It's about to get real girly here when I try to write what I'm feelin'.

1) After college, it was so easy to fall out of touch with people as we all went our separate ways, climbing corporate ladder, continue grad school, or do the ‘finding myself’ backpack trips to another continent. I lost touch with a lot of friends from my early 20s that way. It was very hard to keep in touch with people when the job I had lined up fell through the June prior to my August move overseas. All of a sudden I was starting back at square one finding a corporate job because I wanted needed to climb the corporate ladder after having volunteered and worked since a teenager. I quickly had to rein in on my spending and could not keep up with the going out; I even sold the dream guitar I had. Despite having the most wonderful growth experience thanks to my variety of friends, I just couldn’t keep up.

2) I lived in the same residential college as Hina for two years and we saw each other nearly every day. We were very different but we remained friends throughout college because she’s got the sweet personality with not a bad bone in her body. We fell out of touch; she went to the other coast for her masters and then came back to the DC area. What ensued was like groundhog day/missed connections ad as we would catch glimpse of each other through the metro window panes, never in the same car, never at the same stop. Each time, we wondered to ourselves if that was really each other we saw in passing because we weren’t aware each other lived in the same area and I switched up my look ala David Bowie every couple of years.

3) When I finally got onto Facebook a couple of years ago to get news on a professional associations I got bombarded with requests by college people, high school people. Eventually I connected with Hina again and I was very lucky to have celebrated her 30th birthday with her. One very touching introspective moment for me was when Hina told me she specifically remembers hanging out in the sun, on the grass between our buildings when I wished her a great entrance to the 3rd decade of her life. I don’t recall that moment specifically but I am so flattered that 10 years later, I am there again, because of fate.

*I posted this OMG shoes shot because it’s such a reflection of my own changes the past 10 years. I was never without 4” or taller platform shoes or stilettos because walking on hills in heels was a brilliant idea. I dressed and lived glam rock rather than sense, now I am in the flat brown sandals and maxi dress on the left because it was friggin hot damnmit.

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