Best April Fools Prank of Evar?

I want to say that was the best April Fools joke I pulled on you, not posting from April 1 till tax day but in actuality, I just got a little sick of the fine line between borrowing ideas and blatant plagiarism. So I've moved into my seethe and stew mode and watched it happen to the blogosphere/twitterverse to other people too. I've read a whole bunch about rights but as with laws, it's so open to interpretation but at least now I have armed myself with a network of best practices when it comes to protecting myself and have a new found respect for design bloggers whose full time job is getting in touch with folks and getting their permission.

Other than that I've got pretty neat upcoming posts coming, gotten over a health scare and still kicking out the 3-0 bucket list. I'll get back to more a consistent posting schedule, or at least I will try.

Here's a brain dump of what you've miss here...It got hot and we had to shaved down the fuzzy hen so I no longer have a tribble. I've got these pups coming and I am pretty excited to find 'em not in Hannah Montana or High School Musical colors since I gots little feeties. I've been makin' shirts, finalizing wedding invites and designing graduation announcements. I've learned about how there are over 100 gangs identified in Virginia (scary waking moment). Awesomeness Matt Somma had a show at the Soundry right after G40. Playoffs is ON and I can't believe I care about a sport for once. My next sport I want to get all crazy for is this. I can't wait to go to NYC to see PG before she leaves on her magical round the world trip and pick up an ugly lamp with my name on it. I went through a lil detox (not related to the jail trip) going meatless and drinking green juice. Alright my contacts are turning a shade of pollen green so I'm gonna shut down and hit the hay to wrap up this week.

adios muchachos.

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