B. Funkeys

(via Places I Have Never Been by JHillDesign)

Of course, after being so good with the 3/50 project and avoiding big box retailers, I had a very good reason to get me back into Target after almost a full year of not buying anything.

I was super excited to hear Jennifer Hill designed the pattern for the packaging of these new Target kids toys. Since I like her prints so much (the Pittsburgh one has been very popular with my posse and of course the Animal Alphabets are just awesome for nurseries), I ended up cleaning out a local Target on all the B.Funkeys they carried. There are a lot more babies coming this year.

The really cool design is that the box cover is reversible to giftwrap itself without tape, tag or paper.

I've convinced myself it was ok to buy at Target since I'm supporting one of my favorite artists right?

What's the 3/50 project? More on that tomorrow.

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