April 23, 2010

Horror Channel Stationery - this is the dream project I wish I could work on once in my lifetime. This combines so many of my loves it's unreal.
McLaren's Hearst - Yup that's Neil Gaiman looking at the procession, taken by AFP. This photo has captured me from about 15-30. Talk about closure for a giant chunk of my life.
Mohawk Promo - Designed by the awesome Volume Inc. I bet it smells delicious...like paper.
Baby Bald Eagles - look at these fluffy poofballs. Tell me you can't watch this and go awwww look at them birds on our dollah bills yall.
Best Antique Shows - Compiled by Country Living, 'nuff said.
Ben Tolman - Will be visiting his open studio this weekend. Oh we loved his work at Art Whino and National Portrait Gallery. Such fine details, all with fine pens. True story, first night we got Novus Natura, we stayed in and played 'eye spy' staring at all the details.

Have an awesome weekend. Stay golden.

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