Art Whino

(awesome tape typography)

I made it, twice in one weekend.


Another artful weekend with artsy friend Flyingleap. Whenever our insane schedules can collide, it always result in some art awesomeness (and she has the smarts to recognize she got special twine). We managed to catch up on shenanigans since last year, hit up Dr. Sketchy's, wander around floors of urban art while we sneak in pictures of each other while sipping on some Peroni.

Yeah we need more art in our life.

And she owes me more beer! There, it is written, so it's going to happen!

For more G40 pics, I'm loading them slowly onto my flickr set (to yer right) because I'm also in the process of ID'ing all the artists and my memory sho ain't what it used to be.

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