Taking wagers of "South Risin Again' vs 'Confederate Monument'. I'm quite torn which one will happen first. This is one of the reasons I love the duality of Virginia. In between shopping centers and residential areas, we still have little antebellum graveyards and empty land like this one because an epic battle took place there. I mean 'epic' loosely because the little battles around DC also became spectating events where picnics were held. It's just like Sweet Home Alabama, but during real battles. I get a huge kick out of the amount of folks who have confederate flag displayed while this is the world headquarter of ThinkGeek and their Star Wars merchandising (come on now, THAT is EPIC).

Oh right, Follow Friday, cool links from the week...

Letterheady - Came across this gem of antique letterhead goodness. Be sure to check out Tesla's letterhead, it's like a total "BAM, I made ALL that, now what do you have to say?" I kinda miss the days of fancy letterheads where as now we seem to be going through a modern minimalistic approach to clean typefaces and sterile letterheads. Boooooo urns.

D.C. Eat - I had an insane craving for macarons (it involved a lot of gut punches from facebook in one day and beer just didn't quite cut it) and of course my macaron supplier are out till Saturday, shiiiiiiiiiit. I found this blog because of their simple recipe so maybe when I get inspired to use the oven, I'll try my hand at homemade macarons. Or maybe the South will rise again before I make this recipe, hey ohhhhhhhhh.

idsgn - I am going to admit that one of my fav genre of films to watch is documentaries and Helvetica tickled the geek fancy so hard I peed squeed throughout the movie. Recently, idsgn talked to author who wrote Helvetica and the New York Subway System: The True (Maybe) Story I think I read the article like 5 times.

Welp, that's all I can squeeze out of my head for now.

I am going to be an art groupie all month long of March between Art Whino and The Sondry. Let me know if any of you are interested in coming to DC and would like to meet up at G-40 or something.

So errrrrrrmmmmm, HAPPY FRIDAY YALL!

Quit snitchin ~ for the J Girlz.

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