Holy Balls Yall. What's this? An Award? From one of my fav bloggers too?


Thanks Biz, I know I'm so behind. You are the one who introduced me to bloggin and look at me now. Full on gangsta.

Just kidding, I I don't have a purple bandanna, it's from Nick Homes.


1. thank the person who nominated me for this award

2. copy the award & place it on my blog

3. link to the person who nominated me for this award

4. share 7 interesting things about myself
5. nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers

Alright, walking that frightful line between sharing because we're all friends and oversharing because I ramble when I'm nervous, I give you the following 7 personal thoughts, which shouldn't be used against me in an IQ test, EVER!

1. I think
feet are totally gross. Watching 700, I didn't care how drool-worthy the dudes were, all I saw was feet, long toes, veins, tendons. shuddering now thinking about it. Because of that, I can never understood folks with foot fetishes. I knew one in college and let's just say, it was very very weird. Dude should walk around with a binder at all times in a co-ed dorm.

2. I've been through
42 states. My life long goal is to hit those remaining 8, which cluster around upper mid-west, the northwest, and Hawaii. I know I'm not missing much in mid-west, but I really want to see if North Dakota really exists. We drove really close to it, yet never got there. No one I know is from there. until I make it there, I will keep believin' that there is no North Dakota, once you cross over the northern border of South Dakota, yer right in Canada.

3. When I was a kid, we had a pool in the backyard. My scary recurring dream was that someone poured gelatin in the water and made the
water turn into jello. I'd come out and dive into the pool from the diving board, only to suffocate because you can't breathe jello! At that point I'd jerk awake. After hearing me talk about this recurring dream, someone suggested I try to imagine a spoon so I can eat my way out. Mysteriously, that dream never ever came back.

4. I
never liked either Luke Perry or Jason Priestly. It was hard to tell my friends I don't want to watch 90210 for the 500th time or pick which one I'd much rather smooch. I'd much rather watch cartoons or Waynes World, for the 500th time.

5. I
WAS a sporty kid. I swam and did cross country back in LA, picked up soccer in VA and then all the sporty muscles and lung bits died when design school picked up. I wasn't always fueled by macarons and stouts.

6. I am
horrible at math. It's embarrassing how much time I take to calculate tip. I am an embarrassment to Asians. Yeah I made it through Calc and stuff, but when it comes to simple math, and being put on the spot when the whole table is waiting for you? yeah... brain shuts down.

7. When I'm driving in treacherous conditions, the only way to keep calm is to belt out Free Bird. Not the lyrics part, but just the instrumental intro which lasts about 4/5 of the song anyway. Intead of human beat box, I am the human wah-wah pedal. Trust me, I've been singing that a lot during this asshole of a winter.

Now for my 7 bloggers I'd like to nominate (I am so going to cheat and tag back certain people because they actually read this blog!)

Half the Sins of Mankind - Once upon a time, someone was brave enough to tell me them baggy jencos and plaid shirts are scary looking as a combo on a girl, now she is all sorts of smart awesomeness in NYC, you can see the smarts ooze from her blog. My first appliance purchase ever was a halfie split with her back in college. We bought ourselves a blender so we could make smoothies and stay healthy, then we'd mix in all sorts of fruity liquor. Oh those were the days...

Whisker Biscuit - This lady is hilarious, craftsy, enjoys her alcohol, can hold a gun, cooks hearty meals, mother the crap out of Wiz (true story, tweet recorded here). She is a modern renaissance woman/Annie Oakley. Thank YOU for including us internet village to watch Wiz grow. I'm so taggin you back because this has been one of the hardest homework assignment of ever! This post is taking mroe than 2 weeks to write.

i know there's a lot to fix - This sweet lady is my hockey buddy. In fact she was one of my compadres during Olympic opening ceremony tweet ramblin'. Don't mind us during the USA/Canada hockey game. Our tweets will most likely jsut be "USAUSAUSAUSAUSA." Someday I hope we can meet up at the great new Consul arena and I'm going to make her give me makeup lessons in between my stuffing my face with Pittsburgh noms.

Full Frontal Natalie - I got hooked when Google suggested her to me back when my lil bro was still in the army. Lots of time I come across blogs with a significant other fighting overseas but her is one identified with with a brother overseas. It's a different kind of worry and fear for that siblign kind of bond. I can't really explain it but hopefully you can dig it (sorry, just finished watching Black Dynamite, now I feel I must end sentences with that phrase).

J & K, a Journey - Totally taggin her, because I think I received something from her before but as a newbie blogger I totally did not follow the directions well enough to post correctly. Sorry Kim! Glad me 'met' through Pam.

Zahnnietopia - Now this lady is a calender girl of Cuteness Overload 2010. She usually keeps me up to date on crazy things she is doing to animals (biting a baby goat's ear like in the calendar) and children but the crazy girl has been writing about sunburns and margaritas in Arizona lately, rubbin it in. The nerve!

JennieJen's - Yeah another previous tag. But she hasn't done this yet either slacker! She does post the coolest things (albeit very kitteh-centric). I sure hope that more craftiness will follow.

There it is.

Now can this be my #ff for the week too? I am a lil bit swamped and I'm trying very hard to fight of something that I hope will not botch my weekend or next week. Gotta keep my strength, those black and tans in jug form are harder to lift than regular bottles. Trying to keep my spirits up for more anticipated snow... le sigh.


  1. Haha, this made me literally lol. Love ya Debb, and thanks for the care package. Jen and I are returning the loveliness next week!

  2. Thanks for the tag! I will resurrect the blog this weekend just so I can pass it on.

    until I make it there, I will keep believin' that there is no North Dakota, once you cross over the northern border of South Dakota, yer right in Canada.

    Ya damn right. We should roadtrip up there some time just to prove it once and for all.

  3. Please PG, I need a ninja kidnapping for a roadtrip/visit to NYC! Just tell folks ninjas kidnapped me and dumped in the abyss that is North Dakota.

  4. Thanks for the award! It will take lots of brain power to think of things, though....


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