2.5.10 Phollow Phriday

Happy Friday yall. Now we are going to be pounded with snow this coming weekend so I've stocked up on girlscout cookies, creativity juice (booze) and Xacto blades. Got some Valentines to go out for the Crow and Canary Card Swap. I'm very bummed that I will not be able to check out the Baltimore Ink Convention. Below are some of my fav blogs/artists I follow just because I think it's one of the coolest forms of art despite not having any, please don't mind my staring.

British Ink - This is a studio I stalk follow just because their work is an awesome combination of retro/steampunk/feminine/edginess.
Pin-Up Tattoos - Like Vargas girls? Well then duhhhhh.
Owl Tattoos - You know you wanted a pet owl too after reading Harry Potter.
Tattoosday - NYC focused tattoo spotting blog.

Onto completely unrelated to tattoos...

Did I just tug at your heartstrings? I think I'm onto something. Pandas Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Ask me about ad space for the PSWS site.

Tai Shan - I actually got teary eyed tracking Tai's departure from DC to go back to China. As a friend said, he is a gringo panda, please don't take him back. I hope he will transition ok into non celeb panda in China. =(

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich - now this site is just reaaaaaally pleasing to my senses. Hear that soothing waterfall, eating a a lobster roll or two or three and look, Tom Selleck, the real reason why I can't turn away from anyone would watch 3 Men and a Baby/Lady. This is why I love the interweb.

Enjoy your weekend!

For your locals, I hope you will be able to snuggle up with cuddler and stay out of trouble.

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