Happy Friday!

Can you tell I'm super stoked about Olympics? I've only seen working drawings/watched the charette process starring my awesomely talented friend Luz when we worked at the same architecture firm (go here, and look for Luz Del Mar for her current works). So being an architecture dork, I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally excited to see the Olympic Oval shine tonight, in action, filled with people from all over the world. Sorry Vancouver folks (Tarah in particular), I bet your city is full of tourons right now.

For this follow friday I bring you a strange theme. Art. You'll understand why in a bit...

  • Art Whino - site here; blog here. Awesome friends Shane and Luz run this gallery bringing cool art that is NOT uppity to the D.C. area. Much needed for this stoopit J Crew town. And this is why I venture into MD, the other state about once a month, to hit their show openings.
  • Wall Farmers - site here. Based in Vancouver but I have enjoyed getting introduced to great art and artists through Tarah's tweets. (@wallfarmers) I personally have enjoyed the hockey/beer/art/sarcastic wit in between (see them stains above? yeah...)
I just found out yesterday that these two galleries are already in touch. Freaking small world, Vancouver and D.C. So yeah...

Enjoy your weekend.

There might be some Valentines popping up in the next couple of days. So I won't wish you a happy V-day yet.

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