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I ran into a gentleman who shared the best-est story from the weekend. Prepare for some awesomeness...

Dirty Dancing
Ghost Story
Yarp, some stars really aligned for all those WTF things to fall in line. Sadly I cannot replicate the southern drawl, so imagine the following story told to you in a quiet, slow and friendly drawl told with a straight-face, even during the punchline.

First a little Virginia-awesomeness history.
Did you know that Dirty Dancing was filmed in Virginia?
Yeah top that Hollywood.
It was filmed in Mountain Lake Conservancy & Hotel and sadly I see they are already running a Patrick Swayze Memorial Weekend coming up right before Thanksgiving, yknow, so you can thank him for the time of your life or something.

Welp, that beautiful lake in Dirty Dancing apparently has been disappearing mysteriously and this icon was draining itself till all the water became a bed of cracked dried mud.
The locals couldn’t do anything to preserve the water of this tourist attraction.
As the water disappeared, pieces of man started appearing —
As forensics got involved they identified the man by his initials on his ring, yup, he disappeared back in 1920s and is just now found.
Know what? The waters started coming back to the lake after his body was found.
Guess this ghost has been drinking the water slowly for a long while so his body can be found.

I personally like to think The Swayze had something to do with this after a little research on local news. Know why? The father and son who first came across the shoes in the lakebed, their last name is DALTON! As in THE Cooler from Road House.
Did you just get some chills? I know I did.
That’s right, I believe we've just got SWAYZED!

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