Color Personality Quiz

Because I'm lazy and I was curious. I took the House Beautiful Color Personality Quiz. Maybe it's the fall weather right now, but I really do find myself gravitating to sticking to autumnal hues, even during springs and summers.

1. What's the first color you see in the morning?

Aqua, although I'm thinking I want a warm grey next.

2. What color are your eyes?


3. What color do you wear the most?


4. What color do you never wear?


5. What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?


6. What color gets you the most compliments?


7. What color is your lipstick?


8. What color was your living room when you were growing up?

White, we moved a lot.

9. What color was your bedroom when you were growing up?

White, we moved a lot.

10. What color are your sheets?

White, with green and blue polka dots

11. What color was your favorite crayon as a child?


12. What color is your car?


13. What color was your prom dress?


14. What's your favorite gemstone?


15. What is your favorite flower?

Baby breath, I'm a cheap date

16. What color makes you happiest?


17. What color depresses you?

I can't say I've been depressed by a color. Weirdo.

18. What color calms you?


19. What color makes you grind your teeth?


20. What color would you like to try, but are scared to?

Giant giant florals. =)

What is your color personality ye crafty bitches/bros?

Quiz Via House Beautiful

1. Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House, 2. Jane Eyre of Penguine Classics 3. Still from Edward Scissorhands 4. Herringbone Pillow from CB2 5. Giftwrap from Flowermill Studio 6. Record design from Non-Format 7. photography by alison brady 8. Ben Turnbull at Eleven Gallery 9. spray of baby's breath from oh happy day!

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