Phollow Phriday

When I use 'Ph' I feel all cooler. Because I'm so not gansta, I wear clogs. Hotssssssss.

Because I suck at doing #ff on phridays (sorry phriends , all one of you, mom, jk, i think i have like three right?), and it's easier for me to post when I remember!

Here is my blogosphere version.

And the Pursuit of Happiness – Because sometimes I need reminders of why I naturalized here, and her captioned illustrations are very thought provoking.

Won't You be my Naebyrd? – Because her sense of style kicks ass.

Mr. Flapper – Because I miss having a duck.

My Marrakesh – Because I am fascinated with Middle Eastern styles + her photography is beautiful + I need reminders how sad my counter parts in Middle East do not have the freedom I take for granted every day.

Wool Thumb Creations and Beyond – Because I learn about Russia from her + she's showing me the ropes about the local craft scene + She's having a giveaway right now! (Be sure to wish her happy new year on Saturday!)

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  1. Thanks, Debbs, glad I could play a "guide to Russia" for you ;)


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