Knee Deep in Autumn

I would love to know where summer went. I can’t believe I’m seeing hockey already and I have not even gone close to the beach yet this year, not even a river's edge. It did not creep up on me this year, it hit so quickly like a gut punch.

All of the sudden

I am not getting enough sunlight to participate in outdoor activities

I had to look for turtlenecks before I pack away my summer dresses

The grounds are littered with acorns and persimmons

I already broke out wearing knee socks

I’ve cut up a bunch of pumpkins, even though they were for centerpieces

I do enjoy the pumpkins ales, octoberfest, and pumpkin lattes

I already had a pumpkin bar

I love breaking out the houndstooth, plaid, boucle, and tweed

It truly marks the end of a season when people really inappropriately show too much flesh (shudder)

And I’m super psyched.


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