I’m afraid of speed

I get really scared when I go fast. It's the not being in control feeling that creeps over me when I'm going to fast at something. This fear prevents me from ever liking skiing (well, other than the freezing cold part), I can no longer roller skate like as used to, and I've found many ways to stay away from the sewing machine. I'm so fascinated by friends who can sew, I mean, aren't you afraid you'll lose control of the fabric when the needle's going nuts zigzaggin and then next thing you know, you've got a needle through your thumb, you are sitting in class in home ec, and you don't want to cause any trouble because this was the class you were in with the "cool" girls, and you love Mrs. Halifax and don't want to bother her because she looks like the kind of lady who's so sweet she will NOT like seeing blood and needle through a thumb? Yeah, true story.

Yes I've made a couple of things since then, but believe me, I might as well be hand cranking it with the speed I go. One day I somehow chipped the bobbin holder in the sewing machine and took it in to the fabric store to get looked at. They never called me back and I never went to go check on the status. Now, with the recession, the fabric store is one of the major storefronts in my town, sitting empty with the already sun bleached "Retail Space for Lease" sign in the windows.

I need to grow a pair.


  1. Oh god girl DO NOT watch me sew then. My machine actually started smoking and I had to oil it up mid-project the other night.

    I have also sewn my fingers together.

    True story. Didn't feel a thing.

  2. WOW...Are you serious about sewing machine?! I don't know how you can get your fingers in it, unless you are watching TV while sewing, or trying to do it after 4 glasses of wine... For me it is easier to poke myself while needle-felting with hand tool, than sewing.


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