Calendar weather

This time of year when geese starts flying south, people are on the hunt for tights, scarves, sweaters, jackets, and next year's calendars, wha?

All these paperistas are posting about their cool calendars for 2010 and another lesson is learned at Hand Pecked.

(still, many friends and family will probably be getting hand-made calendars this year, because i can, i'm a pusher, i'm celebrating richless chic and i'm lame)

With all the crisp clean/natural calendars I'm seeing, I have to say the trippy Alice in Wonderland calendar by John Coulthart really stands out for me. They definitely remind me of Tibetan Mandelas, which I could stare at all day long. Here are a couple of my favourite months from the book that is pretty much a-bad-trip-not-right-for-kids-read (unless you count the Disney version) but oh-so-awesome-for-adults =) That Lewis Carroll was a weird weird dude and I loved American McGee's Alice and will probably go see Tim Burton's latest.

The calendars are available via Cafe Press and you can read more about John Coulthart on his site.

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